Emx Scooters

Urban Express

This is a serious commuting scooter. It has larger tyres, goes faster and chain driven, helping a great deal in the wet. It also has better brakes.

Speed 22 mph
Range 20 miles
Weight 78 lbs


Emx Scooters

The Phantom

The little Phantom has very good handling and a very comfortable ride due to it's wide handle bars and large wheels.

Speed 12 mph
Range 12-15 miles
Weight 46 lbs

Push Scooters

Emx Scooters
EMX Racer

This is a very serious electric scooter, but you don't see many around.

Speed 35 mph
Range 15 miles

Weight ? (but at 0-35 mph in under 2.3 seconds who cares)


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