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Tracing & Company Searches

Need to Trace your Debtor - UK Trace specialise in Tracing or making Enquiries of Debtors and Companies together with Asset Searches, Judgment Debtors, Absconding Tenants, Surveillance, In-depth Reports, etc.,. We are part of the FBI Group which have been trading for over 50 years now. We usually travel up to Central London most days as well as covering most of Surrey, Essex and Kent. This can help keep costs down, especially for all urgent work.

Our tracing personnel are fully trained, reliable and highly experienced in locating debtors and missing persons.
Part of the London Process Servers Directory at Lawhouse.


Locate a Debtor or missing person

Need to locate a Debtor or Missing Person - UK Trace can help.
Every trace complies with current Legislation and all Data Protection Rules relating to Debtor Tracing.